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Indicate the location by entering the address. Please verify on the map if the address matches the location you are are requesting the service request.

Remark: please don’t just type the address, but select the correct address from the dropdown, to make sure the correct format is used.

In order to expedite the quote process please upload at least one of the following:

  1. Screenshot from Nearmap or Google Maps with a polygon outlining the area to be surveyed with the square footage visible. This is necessary to confirm square footage.


to watch an instruction video on how to create a polygon in Google Maps.

2. Helioscope.
3. As-built and/or construction drawings.
4. Any other additional info that can help us understand what’s needed.

Important: please only continue after the file(s) have been uploaded completely A green checkmark next to the file(s) will appear once uploaded. Please be patient, this can take a bit of time… In case the file(s) are not uploading at all, please send the file(s) by e-mail as a reply to the e-mail you will receive after submitting your service request.

Remark: once the project is created, in case you want to add/remove files, at any time you will be able to do so from the project details page.

Preferred date or date range

In case you have a preferred date when the drone assignment can be conducted, this can be indicated here. It is also possible to add a specific hour on the preferred day (optional). 


Any additional remarks or instructions that might be helpful for this service request can be entered here. For example: specific instructions on how to access the area.

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